What is calf pneumonia and how best to minimise it


What is calf pneumonia and how best to minimise it- Farm Compare hears from KCF Ltd Healthcare about the importance of their solution in getting to the root of this problem.

Calf pneumonia is made up of a complex interaction between viral and bacterial mycotoxins, environmental stress factors and the animal's own resilience to disease. Calf pneumonia causes inflammation and damage of the lung tissue and airways – compromising lung function.

The incidence rate of pneumonia is approximately 20%.

⇒ It is the most common reason for death and poor performance in calves and young stock.

⇒ Pneumonia causes inflammation and damage of the lung tissue and airways – compromising lung function. 

In severe cases, the damage is irreversible and can result in death.  Even mild cases of pneumonia it can significantly increase the cost of production.

BVD and other viruses may also be associated with pneumonia due to the negative effects it has on an animal’s immune status.

These viruses can cause disease by themselves or damage the defence mechanisms and predispose the animal to secondary-bacterial infections of the lungs.

An animal’s susceptibility to pneumonia is influenced by the strength of its immune system. In young calves, the single-biggest factor affecting the immune system is lack of colostrum.  A calf’s immunity will also be affected by nutrition, management practices, stress and the environment in which they are reared in.  Issues in any of these areas will have a negative impact on the calf’s ability to fight disease. 

If animals are placed in sheds that are poorly ventilated or humid – even high levels of immunity will not prevent disease outbreaks.

Minimise the potential of calf  pneumonia

Treating these cases of pneumonia at the earliest possible stage is vital for survival rate.  Addressing issues such as the following will can work towards stalling any future outbreaks:

⇒ Housing

⇒ Ventilatin,

⇒ Cross contamination 



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Suitable for:

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Dosage Rate:

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