FBIS Capital Scheme - Tier 2 Tranche 2 – Expression of Interest Stage

FBIS Capital Scheme - Tier 2 Tranche 2 – Expression Of Interest Stage| Farm Compare

An Expression of Interest (EoI) for the second tranche of Tier 2 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme - Capital (FBIS-C) opened on Monday 19 July and will close at 4pm on 13 August 2021. The introduction of the  EOI stage means that Farm Businesses must submit an expression of interest to be eligible to submit a grant application later in the year.

The total maximum grant available to a successful applicant availing of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 is £250,000 over the lifetime of the RDP 2014-20. Tier 2 provides for on-farm investment projects in future-proofed, fit-for-purpose, modern infrastructure and equipment, in excess of £30,000 eligible project costs (to a maximum available grant of £250,000) based on a robust farm business plan.

It aims to improve the performance and sustainability of Northern Ireland’s farm businesses by providing grants for capital investment across five key themes: 
(1) Contribution to sustainable growth; 
(2) Environment, Weather Resistance and Climate Change; 
(3) Animal and Plant Health; 
(4) Occupational Health and Safety; and
(5) Production and Resource Efficiency.

Grant is also available for new equipment that is retrofitted into existing buildings, for example, a new milking parlour could go into an existing shed, provided an engineer’s certificate is submitted to confirm the building is fit for purpose to support the new equipment.

The maximum amount of grant available per farm business over the lifetime of the RDP 2014 -20 is £250,000. The grant rate is 40% of eligible project costs for projects costing over £30,000 (net of VAT).

Potential Project Potential Combination of Items Contribution to Theme Redesign and fit out of a dairy cow cubicle shed New cubicle beds and divisions (T3) New head locking yokes at feed barriers (T3, T4) Fitting of heat detection system (T5) New water troughs (T3, T5) Robotic scrappers (T2).

Additional cow tracks to allow extended grazing and improvements in dirty water collection in the farm yard Improvement to the existing cow tracks and change slope to reduce potential pollution (T2, T3, T5) Additional 1.8km of new cow tracks (T2, T3, T5) New fencing along new cattle tracks and individual paddocks (T5) Improvement in farmyard drainage to ensure separation of clean and dirty water (T2, T5) New GPS system to include self-steer to tractors and Fit GPS receivers and self- steer devices to tractors (T2, T4).

Dairy calf to beef equipment to fit into existing shed Individual galvanised calf rearing pens (T3, T4, T5) Automated calf rearing system that identifies and feeds calves (T2) Gates and feed rails (T3, T4) Fixed handling facilities to include railing, gates, walling and surfacing with associated waste collection tank where necessary (T3, T4) Cattle weighing squeeze crush (T4) Meal bin and associated auger (T3)

All applicants will need to complete a Stage 1 EoI form online before the closing date of 4pm on 13 August 2021-

Some useful information

An explanatory booklet is available for reference to assist you in preparing your EoI application. You can access the booklet here

The Expression of Interest application form can be accessed here

A list of FAQs for the Tier 2 Tranche 2 Expression of Interest stage is available here 

A Category 1 Farm Business ID is required for all applicants to the FBIS Capital Scheme.  Further information and details on how to apply for a DAERA Farm Business ID can be found here