Getting Ready For Calving

Getting Ready For Calving Season

Get ready for calving season

Farm Compare has teamed up with TERRA NutriTECH (TNT) to highlight the importance of nutrition before and after calving.

As farmers, we know that the pre-calving period is a crucial time to get your cows in tip-top shape for calving and early lactation leading to more successful breeding.

Let's take a look at some products that are delivered to the cow through the water or feed supply. 

The beauty about TERRA NutriTECH is that your cows get exactly what they need when they need it.

Key minerals you should be considering:

Calving Plus is a blend of minerals that prepare the cow and also the calf for a healthy birth. 

•    Less calving issues, 
•    Less retained cleanings,
•    Healthier calves, 
•    Easy transition to milking, 
•    Faster & easier calving’s and the cow will be set up better for fertility down the line. 
When to use: Calving Plus can be given 8-10 weeks prior to calving.

Calving Magnesium is a special blend for cows pre-calving to help aid cow and calf.
•    Reduces milk fever
•    Reduces retained cleanings
•    Improved milk yield
•    Quicker, easier calving
•    Alter rates to suit conditions with TERRA NutriTECH Dosing Systems
When to use: During the dry cow periods 8 - 10 weeks pre-calving’s. Used with Calving Plus.

Easy Calve is used in the final week before calving to reduce milk fever and have easier calvings.
• Reduces milk fever
•    Reduces retained cleanings
•    Quicker, easier calving
•    Healthier calves
•    Set cow up for better fertility
•    Reduces displaced abomasum

When to use: Up to 1 week before cow calves in close-up calving pens. Used with Calving Plus

Pre Calver With Magnesium is an all in one blend to prepare cow and calf for a healthier birth.
•    Less milk fever
•    Less retained cleanings
•    Healthier calves
•    Easy transition to milking
•    Faster calvings
•    Sets cow up for better fertility
•    Reduced displaced abomasum
•    Reduced vet and medicine fees

When to use: 8 - 10 weeks pre-calving. For use with ‘ORBVIE’ Dosing System.

Transition Immunity Boost is used in herds to help increase cow and calf immunity during calving season.
•  Helps reduce mycoplasma
•    Helps reduce mastitis
•    Improved immunity
•    Maximise milk production
•    Increases disease resistance, feed efficiency & animal performance.​​​​​

When to use:   For 30 days pre and post calving.

Hi-Iodine is used to boost iodine levels in the cow and calf.
•    Stronger Calves
•    Easier Calvings
•    Better immunity
•    Less Stress on cow and calf
•    Better Fertility
•    Less Embryo loss.
When to use: Used 4-8 weeks pre-calving and breeding.

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Current Pre-calver Offers

In-Trough Offer: Pre-Calver mineral mix with ‘OrbVie’ In-trough dispenser | 4400 doses | Battery Operated

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In-Line Offer: Pre-Calver mineral mix with OrbVie In-line dispenser | 50 Cows | Mains Operated

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These products are all aimed to improve the health of your herd and reduce waste on the farm.

TERRA NutriTECH believes in science, and they use facts from blood, forage and milk analysis along with herd history to determine your cow’s mineral needs.

Their systems work 24/7 and deliver accurate nutrition which is reliable and precise.

View the TERRA NutriTECH range today and Farm Compare will connect you with their Product Specialist to discuss your herd's requirements for this calving season.

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