KEENAN® evolves MechFiber diet feeder and launches new MechFiber+ range

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The most vital part of any new design process is to ‘begin with the end in mind’. This means starting the design journey with a conversation with the end-user. When developing the new KEENAN MechFiber+ range, the engineers at KEENAN quickly realised that their customers would only settle for changes that did not affect the

Overall robustness  simplicity of design  consistent mix quality

of the current range.

This was going to involve some thinking outside the box! 

Currently, KEENAN has 20,000+ users in over 80 countries across the world. What KEENAN discovered from speaking to farmers was that the consistency and thoroughness of the mix quality was sacrosanct. The design of KEENAN’s unique paddle system means that it is the only machine in the world to produce and replicate the MechFiber mix time and time again.

This mix improves herd health, productivity and helps farms reduce methane emissions through increased feed efficiency.

With this in mind the engineers at KEENAN studied every intricate detail of the internal mechanical design and have further enhanced the mix quality by re-engineering the paddle castellations. The paddle castellations have been re-shaped to give a rounded top section and the rake angle increased to allow for greater material movement in the chamber. This has resulted in less material residing on the paddles which means less friction, resulting in less wear to the belly of the machine and a reduction in peak horsepower requirements. The resulting MechFiber mix proves more consistent than ever before.

Externally too, there are improvements in design. Lights have been added to the feed-out door, providing the operator with improved visibility during mix discharge especially when ambient lighting is low. Specially moulded durable black pods house these new lights. Farmers can also opt for an increased length (by 400mm) feed-out door which results in a faster feed out time. A new style of optional mudguards can also be fitted to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Aesthetically, the range has been given a new, fresh look with specifically moulded black pin seal matt finish front covers. The rear ladder also comes in a black finish and is made from sleek tubular steel that is less prone to damage, more user-friendly and is collapsible.

The art of engineering and innovation is further enhanced by advancements in the recently upgraded feeding technology. The new 4th Gen KEENAN Controller, (learn more here)  feed management app and InTouch dashboard won the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Award in September of 2021. These technologies allow the farmer to have full oversight and control of all farm feeding data at the touch of a button. The new Controller also has the option of now including key visual mechanical telematics such as oil levels, temperature, chain tension status and feed-out door sensor status for easier maintenance and trouble-free operation.

The InTouch feed management platform monitors the feeding of 300,000 animals each day across 37 countries. Cathal Bohane is Head of InTouch Nutrition and recently looked at data for farmers in the UK. Bohane says,

“We looked at the data for the past five years for first time KEENAN users and we saw an average improvement in feed efficiency (FE) of .13, which equates to an increase in milk yield of 1.8kg, from the same feed intake. We also noted improvements in milk solids. The overall combined gains were worth on average €290 per cow. For a herd of 100 cows that equates to €29,000 over a one-year period. This significantly erodes the overall cost of the diet feeder.”

Matt Higgins, General Manager at KEENAN, is also conscious of the green credentials of the KEENAN.

“The KEENAN diet feeder was the first in the world to be validated by the Carbon Trust as helping to reduce emissions on-farm. Our research shows that new users of a KEENAN can reduce methane by 10% per litre of milk produced.”

Ollie O’ Neill, Head of Machine Innovation at KEENAN said,

“The lifespan of a KEENAN stretches across decades and the new plus range has been carefully designed to ensure that KEENAN stays at the forefront of the market.”


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