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KEENAN - Proven Results

For over 35 years, KEENAN has delivered proven on-farm results the world over, with thousands of farmers seeing the benefits of the KEENAN system on their productions. KEENAN’s flagship MechFiber model has been recognised to deliver a superior ration in terms of mix quality and consistency, proven to promote better results in animal performance.

The KEENAN machine, coupled with the InTouch Feed Management Technology, allows for unparalleled control over diet formulation and overall monitoring of herd performance.

Within one year, KEENAN will increase your milk solids per cow by 40kgs!

Yes, it is that simple! The KEENAN system works, and they want you to benefit from the same results as thousands of satisfied farmers around the world.
KEENAN, along with a dedicated InTouch feeding specialist, will put together a unique nutrition plan, specific to your farm, to help you get the most from your machine, get more from your feed and, ultimately, increase your milk solids production.  Watch now how one farmer shares his success story of the KEENAN programme.

Proven Results Programme
NEW and Existing customers - here's what's available to you!

  • Remote farm assessment: InTouch feeding specialist will assess your current herd performance.

  • Tailored InTouch plan: KEENAN will identify a production target for you to achieve within one year. You receive a tailored nutrition and management plan unique to your herd.

  • Commissioning visit:  KEENAN guide you through your new machine and the use of the KEENAN controller.

  • Always here to help: Consistent support throughout the year from the InTouch team,  to help you achieve your production target

Browse the  KEENAN Range, submit your enquiry and a KEENAN representative will contact you to discuss how the Proven Results Programme can benefit your farm.