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Farm Compare continues to grow with top manufactures, meaning that there are now 100's more new products to choose from.

Whether you are a farmer or contractor there are now more products to browse, search and compare. 
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New products

Hogg Engineering


Hogg Engineering prides itself on manufacturing heavy-duty and exceptionally reliable trailers, using only the highest quality components and engineering processes production. They successfully deliver trailers throughout Ireland, the UK and export further afield.

Low Loader trailer

Tipper trailer

Multipurpose trailer

Hydraulic Beavertail Trailer

Bale trailer

Large Livestock trailer

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PÖTTINGER - Hay, Silage & Cultivation Machinery


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Power Harrow


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Precast Concrete


Find all your precast concrete products with Creagh Concrete, Macrete, and Carlow Concrete Tanks.

Browse the ranges including slatted floors, cubicles, channels, feeders and troughs, effluent tanks, and water storage tanks. 

Carlow Concrete Tanks

Macrete Concrete

Creagh Concrete

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SpreadPoint is a world-class manufacturer of specialised spreading and transport equipment for the Agricultural sector.

Belt Spreaders

Stone Carts

Rotary Manure Spreader

Water Bowser

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Next Generation Plastics (NGP)


NGP offers fence posts that will not rot, are splinter-free, moveable, and longer-lasting over traditional fence posts. 

5ft Plastic Fence

6ft Plastic Fence

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Chemserve Global -Livestock Hygiene Solutions


Farm Compare brings you a range of hygiene solutions from Chemserve Global Ltd.

Detergent hygiene applications for the Farm and animal health/poultry, slaughterhouse, brewery, dairy processing, and industrial sectors. 


Disinfectant / Cluster Clean

Teat Dip

Cleaner & Sanitiser

Hoof Treatment


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Sullivans Engineering


Sullivans Engineering has been rated by Farm Compare users as one of the best performing manufactures for responding quickly with pricing and excellent lead times.  They have recently added their very popular towable log splitter and their buckrakes. Based in Northern Ireland Sullivans Engineering dispatches their products throughout Ireland and the UK every week.

Towable Log Splitter


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KCF Agri Healthcare

KCF is committed to developing natural and effective products.

Providing natural solutions to major problems.

Suppliers of a range of animal health products & supplements.






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