Start your Nitrogen Plan for 2022 NOW

Start your Nigtrogen Plan for 2022 NOW | Farm Compare

With Nitrogen prices hitting the headlines on a daily basis, Farmers might be wondering what they can do to reduce or offset the impact of price increases while maintaining profitability on farm. 

Farm Compare chats to Biome Connect about how we can start our Nitrogen plan for 2022 NOW with a range of Agriton UK products.

The fact is we need to conserve as much nitrogen that is already existing on-farm as possible. By using the right tools at the right time farmers can reduce the amount of nitrogen that will have to be bought in come springtime. With cattle being housed soon now is the time to act and put a plan in place to conserve as much nitrogen as possible
Biome Connect shares with Farm Compare the top 3 ways of conserving nitrogen on farm.
1. EM Slurry Additive 
It is a 2 pronged approach using our slurry conditioner N-Hance and microbial slurry treatment Actiferm. N-Hance conditions the slurry to create an environment that the living microbes within Actiferm can survive and multiply in. 


Key features of EM Slurry

  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Reduced smell
  • Reduced crusting
  • Reduced labour and cost of stirring time prior to emptying the store
  • More homogenous slurry makes for easier pumping and more even spreading
  • Improved soil organic matter and soil condition
  • Improved microbial quality of the soil for optimum uptake of plant nutrients.


An independent Kingshay trial compared EM treated slurry to a control. EM Slurry was found to have 

12% more Nitrogen

15% more ammonium 

20% less crust depth.

  EM slurry is one of the few products on the market with independent science-backed trials showing test results. This product is proven to work, at around £1 per cow per month, it is very well priced to give an excellent return.

2. Volcanic Origin Antiseptic Bedding Powder. (Vulkamin)
The use of Vulkamin bedding powder is another way of cutting back on nitrogen loss. When using a lime based product on your cubicle area,  through a chemical reaction you can actually lose upto 280kg of straight nitrogen for every ton of lime used. Vulkamin does not cause this reaction, Vulkamin will bind ammonia stopping this nitrogen loss, in turn saving money. Vulkamin is a very mild product. It is not sore on the farmer's hands or sore on the cow's udder; this will encourage the cow to lie down faster which saves energy and produces more milk.

3. Actiferm Effective Microorganisms to keep bedding dryer for longer.

Using Actiferm on your dry bed housing is a great way of improving the living environment within the livestock house and stopping Ammonia loss, by adding Actiferm to the bedding you are introducing over 80 different beneficial microorganisms that will break down the structure of the bedding increasing the surface area and helping to keep the bedding dryer for longer.  This also prevents the loss of ammonia (Nitrogen) gases and other odors. It also reduces disease pressure by way of competitive exclusion, good microbes out-competing bad microbes. 

Small changes can add up dramatically reducing the amount of nitrogen that will have to be bought in for the next season.


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