6 Reasons Why You Should Aerate Your Land

6 Reasons Why You Should Aerate Your Land

With the need for increased production from our land today and the unpredictability of our weather, farms everywhere are experiencing soil compaction of one sort or another.

6 Reasons Why You Should Aerate Your Land

  • It allows oxygen, water & nutrients to get directly to the root system
  • It improves root structure and allows fresh roots to grow deeper
  • It improves yields and reduces fertilizer costs 
  • It improves drainage and slurry absorption resulting in  less damage to land
  • It allows extended grazing and cutting periods 
  • It extends the life of permanent pasture without the need for expensive reseeding


The ideal soil structure composition:

  • Air 25%
  • MInerals 45%
  • Water 25%
  • Organis Matter 5%


At Walter Watsons they have endeavoured to develop an aerator which gives the farmer of today the opportunity to maximise production from the farm with a machine which combines strength, weight and speed of operation. 


Surface Pans 0-5CM (0-2") Traffic (Animal & Machinery)
Grazing Pans 5-10cm (2-4") Grazing in wet conditions
Machinery Pans 10-15cm (4-6") Machinery use at wrong time
Ploughing Pans 10-30cm (4-12") Same Depth ploughing









With the use of a large diameter barrel and forward facing 7” tapered Hardox blades we can achieve with a medium size tractor (100hp) the ground speed and aerating process required, with the benefit of fracturing the sub soil up to 30cm (12”) deep.  Best results are achieved when the ground is dry, allowing the weight and speed of the Watson aerator to penetrate the hard pan, thus allowing air, water and nutrients directly to the plant roots. This in turn encourages greater root structure, greater nutrient up take and increased grass yield.

“Essentially all life depends upon the soil, there can be no life without soil and no soil without life” Charles E Kellogg

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