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The Small Grant Efficiency Scheme | Farm Compare

The Welsh Government are supporting the rural economy through the Small Grant Efficiency scheme. 

With a 40% grant available up to a maximun £12,000 (minimun £1000) 

Scheme Opening date:  18th May 2022    Closing date:  29th June 2022

The Programme for Government sets out our commitments to continue supporting farmers to produce food in a sustainable way, whilst taking action to respond to the climate emergency and to help reverse the decline in biodiversity. Funding support for farmers, land managers and associated rural sectors over the next 3 years is delivered through a flexible framework of
support, with schemes – including the Small Grants – Efficiency Scheme - delivering towards the following themes:

 Farm-scale land management

 On-farm environmental improvements

 On-farm efficiency and diversification

 Landscape scale land management

 Woodland and forestry

 Food and farming supply chains


You are eligible to apply if:

You are registered with the Welsh Government and have been issued with a Customer Reference Number (CRN). 

Be a primary producer of agricultural products

Have 3ha of eligible agricultural land registered with RPW in Wales or

Be able to demonstrate over 550 standard labour hours

The primary production of agricultural products includes the following farming sectors:





 horticulture (including hydroponics and aquaponics)





You are not eligible if:

 you are an equine customer (including grazing horses)

 you are a forestry customer (including woodland only owners)

 a group of farmers (including Producer Organisations)

 however, if two or more agricultural holdings are managed as a single unit,

or in a single ownership, or to some extent have common management, common financial accounts, common livestock, machinery and/or feeding

stores that will be classed as a single business

Maximum Grant Rate and Maximum Grant Threshold
►The maximum grant award is £12,000 and the minimum is £1,000.
►Previous participation in the Farm Business Grant will not affect your ability to apply for the maximum £12,000 grant.
►The grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards capital investments in equipment and machinery (excluding VAT), which can be demonstrated as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm businesses.
►The grant will be a maximum 40% contribution against actual invoiced costs up to the maximum referenced costs.

Farm Compare has the following eligible items for you to view:

Heat Detection System: View Options Here
Base Unit Heat detection base unit, comprising:
 Automatic system for the heat detection in cows based on motion detection
To be used in combination with either electronic ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders, or boluses to identify individual animals
Systems that can be used for location tracking for management purposes also eligible

Heat Detection System: View Options Here

Ear tags, neck collars, or ankle transponders.

Automated system for the heat detection in cows; to measure motion associated with oestrous behaviour, comprising of:  Individual neck collars, ear tags, ankle band with transponder, or bolus

Cost is per neck collar/ankle band, ear tag, or bolus. Ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders or boluses used for location tracking for management purposes are also eligible.

For ear tags to be eligible, they must have a life expectancy of at least five years and be reusable (transferable to another animal).

Tags used for Cattle Tracing System (CTS) purposes are not eligible for funding.

Calving Gate: View Options Here

► Calving gate comprising:

 A gate within the frame to swing around to safely restrain a cow

 An adjustable head yoke

 A locking chain to stop backward movement

 Side rails and access panels within the swinging gate should allow protected access for medical treatment, assisted birthing, suckling of calves or milking

 ► Galvanised or powder paint coated metal

Bulk feed bins: (10 tonnes) View Options Here           

Bulk feed bins, comprising:

Steel or fibre glass tower bin

Capable of excluding moisture and vermin

Shoot or conveyor attachment

Minimum 10-tonne capacity. (10t capacity can be made up from a maximum of 2 smaller bins)

Auto calf feeder with washing facility comprising:View Options Here

 Programmable milk feeder for calves

 Capability of individually feeding and monitoring calf’s milk intake

 Ability to alert if the calf is not drinking or drinking less than normal

 Automatically self-clean feeding tube and teat between each feeding

 Minimum one milk feeder and one feed station

 Ability to identify a minimum 30 individual calves

Large Group Calf shelter: View Options Here

Large mobile ventilated group calf shelter:

 ► Minimum shelter size 7m2

 With external penning system

 Pen fully galvanised metal

Subsoiler A subsoiler, comprising: View Options here

 Minimum working width of 2.7m

 Minimum two legs

 Cutting disc preceding each subsoil leg

 Rear roller for consolidation

 Depth control

Direct drill: View Options Here

Direct or slot seed drill capable of sowing grass, clover, herbs, and forage crops into undisturbed soil.

Minimum 2.7m working width

Seed metered and delivered through either pneumatic or mechanical mechanism

Seed delivered directly into pre-prepared slot produced by disc or slot mechanism in undisturbed soil 

Seed placed at a consistent depth

Trailing Shoe Slurry System including maceratorsView Options Here
Trailing shoe slurry applicator comprising:
 Minimum 6m working width
► Ability to fit to an existing slurry tanker or attach to flexible pipe/umbilical system


Shallow Injections Systems: View Options Here

Injection system to inject slurry into soil surface, with the ability to:

► Fit to an existing slurry tanker or attach to flexible pipe/umbilical system

► Minimum working width 3m.

Dribble Bar: View Options Here

Dribble bar applicator, comprising:
► A minimum 6m working width
 Ability to fit to an existing slurry tanker or attached to flexible pipe/ umbilical system

Hose Reeler: View Options Here
Umbilical hose reeler, which can be:

Random or compartmentalised.

Trailed or mounted.

Inclusive of hose; minimum 400m.

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